what we do

Professional Development

FLS aims to be a resource for its members and the BC community as students prepare to enter the working world. Through engagement with speakers, networking opportunities, and student/alumni partnerships, FLS will provide students many opportunities for career development. By developing strong relationships with recruiters, FLS aims to ensure all CSOM students have exposure to world class companies and opportunities.

Upcoming Speakers and Events

Throughout the year, FLS will work alongside the CSOM Honors Program to present the 'Business &' speaker series. Open to everyone and anyone, the 'Business &' series highlights the diverse range of possibilities that lie outside of what many consider to be traditional business career paths by inviting speakers from various industries to speak about their industries, careers, and personal journeys and give advice for young professionals. Events to look out for this fall semester include:

Business & Government: This event will highlight a professional who has transitioned from working in government to working directly for major companies within the business world. The speaker will discuss the differences between these fields, as well as the transition and the transferable skills that allowed them to become successful in both legs of their career. 

Business & Biotech: In this talk, speakers will emphasize the importance and growing convergence of technology, healthcare, and business. This event will be include speakers from each industry who will explain the nuances of their own careers and industries as well as create a dialogue which dives into how their industries are currently interacting and where they see opportunities for even greater collaboration. Specifically, they will discuss the changing healthcare environment with the macro trends of an older population and a related increase in costs.

Business & Art:  From overseeing accounting for a theater company to running marketing and communications for a museum, there are countless ways that business and art intersect.  This speaker will share their experiences and advice surrounding arts management and other creative fields that blend passions that are much more complementary than commonly assumed.