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FLS is an entirely student-run organization, so we rely on our student committees to keep the program operating smoothly and efficiently. Committees work to make sure that FLS provides benefits to members and to the CSOM community as a whole. As soon as freshmen are accepted to the program, they begin shadowing current committees before choosing one to apply to the following year. Students can gain leadership opportunities as early as their sophomore year, as all members are required to serve on committees.

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Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations committee seeks to maintain close relationships with Boston College and FLS alumni and help current students connect with alumni. The committee sponsors Eagle Perks office visits throughout the course of the year, which allow students to learn more about a company or industry. Alumni Relations is responsible for developing and maintaining an alumni database as a resource for current students to find alumni contact information.

Career Development/Peer Advising (Open to Juniors and Seniors Only)

The Career Development/Peer Advising committee is responsible for planning the Freshman Resume and Concentration events as well as preparing recruiting materials for various industries. Career Development/Peer Advising extends its focus to industries not commonly highlighted by CSOM in order to assist students in the recruiting process. This committee also works towards the long-term goal of building a stronger mock interviewing service for all of CSOM.

Community Relations

The Community Relations committee fosters connections and camaraderie within FLS. This committee is responsible for compiling internship, study abroad, and concentration experience of members into an FLS manual to help students gain information on opportunities that interest them. Additionally, Community Relations maintains an office space for committees to host meetings.

Community Service

The Community Service committee works with local organizations throughout Boston to facilitate service events such as trips to the non-profit Cradles to Crayons and mentoring at Nativity Prep middle school in Jamaica Plain. The committee builds and maintains partnerships with corporations and non-profit organizations to foster personal and professional connections rooted in a spirit of service.


The Finance committee oversees the program’s internal and external fundraising initiatives. These initiatives are directed toward supporting FLS programming, such as bringing speakers to the BC community, and partnering with the Community Service committee to contribute to a chosen charitable cause.


The Formation committee is responsible for fostering relationships within the program to promote bonding, mentorship, and student development. This includes planning weekly meetings for members centered around interclass mentoring, professional development, and personal empowerment.

Freshman Experience

Members of the Freshman Experience committee serve as contact points for prospective FLS students and ensure a successful transition into the program for accepted students by publishing a “freshman survival guide,” facilitating bonding events, and organizing a mentorship program. This committee is also responsible for running the halfway admissions process for students who apply to FLS later in the year.

New Orleans Service Trip

The NOLA committee coordinates and leads an annual service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana to assist the St. Bernard’s project in its mission of helping rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Additionally, this committee plans an annual reunion for past and present participants in the NOLA service trip.

Public Relations

The Public Relations committee directs all activities related to marketing FLS and FLS-sponsored events to the BC community, in part through maintaining the FLS website and social media accounts. The committee works alongside other on-campus organizations to identify collaboartion opportunities.

Recruiter Relations

The Recruiter Relations committee handles requests from recruiters to set up networking sessions and works directly with the Career Center to incorporate FLS into corporate events on campus. The committee ensures that FLS maintains mutually beneficial relationships with company recruiters.

Speaker Series

The Speaker Series committee is responsible for securing speakers and handling logistics for a number of events for both FLS members and the broader BC community. The committee plans and executes events such as the popular "Business &" series geared toward exposing students to non-traditional career paths. Speaker Series also works with other groups around campus to co-sponsor and coordinate integrative events.

Special Projects

The Special Projects committee is dedicated to working with administration to pilot new initiatives for CSOM, both created by students and handed down by administrators. Initially, this will include designing a plan to scale up the idea of cohort learning for all of CSOM.




Incoming freshmen are accepted into the organization as general members and spend their freshman year shadowing different committees and attending events as a general member. At the end of the year, all freshman participate in a placement process in order to match them with their preferred committee. By the official phase out of the Honors Program in 3 years, all upperclassmen (sophomores, juniors, seniors) will have a place on a committee within this new program. This policy is intended to increase group cohesion through full participation in the program by all members, while giving all students the opportunity to make an impact on their experience in CSOM and at BC. Furthermore, freshmen will be required to participate in community service events, attend speaker events, and participate in career and resume workshops throughout the year.